Sailing Team Building Experience

Alona Cambay is preparing the World Championships.

At the age of 19, Alona is a sea enthusiast just like her father Jean-Philippe, Director of Riviera Sailing Events.
This young girl’s life was turned upside down on June 26, 2016, after a motorcycle accident she passes very close to the amputation of her right hand. Doctor Rémi Foissac performs a surgical exploit and allows Alona to keep a part of her right hand. However, her hand will never be the same again, it is badly damaged.

“Giving up in a competition on the pretext that you can’t finish first is incompatible with the spirit of the sport.” Eric Tabarly, Navigator (1931-1998)

Alona will use her handicap as a strength, especially in sport. She will reveal herself in water skiing where the hands play an important role. Using a glove adapted to her right hand, she will work hard to improve her level.
This year, she is training with her coach Vincent Soubiron for the French and World Handi Water Ski Championships. She finish N°1 July 14th 2019 with 2 buyos at 49 Km/H.
This young top-level sportswoman is about to conquer the international scene. Her technique and agility allow her to achieve remarkable results. Riviera Sailing Events supports Alona Cambay for these upcoming competitions.

Dates of the contests are:
French Championship from 12 to 14 July in Muret
World Championship from July 22nd to 28th in Skames, Norway.

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