Sailing Team Building Experience



1.Team Building

Sailing is the metaphor of business where the leader can be represented by the captain who, together with the crew has to handle the sailing boat coping with all issues predictable or not predictable exactly like in business, the team has to work together to achieve the goal successfully.

2.Landscape & Emotions

Break the walls of your office and have your group in a sailing boat feeling the wind, the air and breathing the sea while working together. This is THE ultimate experience.

3.Practice all year ROUND

Thanks to the special weather conditions, French Riviera is the ideal place to have activities at the sea also in winter time.

4.Listening to the experts

During your convention or training, famous skippers as Marc Thiercelin are available to share their experiences around the world and you will discover how many analogies you can find between managing the business and sailing. We have developed a special method where the audience has to find out the analogies between the two different contexts – sailing and business – and the conference will be a great moment of interaction between your group and the professional sailors.

5.Sailing is for everyonE

Sailing experience fits everybody: relaxing in cruise-mode or being active like a crew member during a regatta. It depends on the personal level of motivation and expectations.

We have everything you may need for your corporate event on the sea: regattas, maxi catamaran, speed boats.

Check our multiple offers and find out which one suits you best: corporate regatta, discovery sailing formula, treasure hunting, maxi-catamaran, fast transfers, taxi boat…

Regatta is a group experience focused on cooperation and bonding with the purpose of developing trust and support between people. we have 3 different kind of regattas: regatta and team building, the match race , incentive and discovering program.

Discovering sailing formula is a “soft” approach to the sailing experience where you can take part to the maneuvers or just enjoy the pleasure to be on board and relax.

Treasure hunting is the ideal program if you want to learn a bit of history of Cote d’Azur and be entertained with a thrilling activity.

The Maxi-Catamaran is a multihull sailing boat particularly suitable for corporate or private events. Its large dimensions and deck area can accommodate from 15 to100 people.

It is the ideal boat to enjoy a relaxing moment, plan gala evenings, photo shootings or any other type of special event.

As “ Sailing School ” , member of Federation Française de Voile (French sailing association) with almost 20 years of experience, and a great reputation , we offer you a special insurance that fully covers in case of bad weather.

Welcome to the Marola! You dream of skiing and taking your family on a cruise…
Riviera Sailing Events’ instructors teach you sailing according to your expectations and your objective of progress.
Each training course guarantees you a certified pedagogical approach including: theory; sailing practice followed by debriefing.

Depending on the training chosen, teaching is provided from 9am to 5pm at the Port of Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat.
If you wish to pass your federal levels to improve and access your autonomy, it is necessary to have a FFV license. We are authorized to deliver it